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Peter Leister

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In the mid 1990’s, Peter began his career in enterprise systems at a remote mine site in Indonesia where he had the unique opportunity to learn the complete functionality of ERP systems and database structure. After three years of projects between Indonesia and Singapore, he returned to North America into its corporate world at the height of the dotcom bubble. Several years of working in a global corporate setting as a senior consultant, led Peter to set out on his own with a colleague, and begin an ERP consulting firm. As a business owner, Peter honed his leadership and business acumen while gaining contracts and supporting employees throughout North America. He then saw an attractive exit, and took an extended period of time off to enjoy life and travel for fun, rather than work. In 2009, he returned to an international consulting fold as a principal consultant focused on operational excellence through superior asset management. Peter has now narrowed his field to the management of operational risk, where he sees the greatest value to his customers, regulators, and the public.